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A Day in the Life of a Student Marketeer - Oona Venermo

Spend a day-in-the-life of a student marketeer. We catch up with Penna’s Senior Client Partner Oona Venermo. Here’s what her working day looks like; from tenders, to strategic analysis with our in-house performance media team. Plus, a bit of yoga for good measure! Read on for a typical day at Penna Education.


First order of the day, coffee. A fancy new thermal cafetiere was the best birthday present this year and sets me up for the business ahead.


I’m more of a night owl whilst my other Penna Education team members are early birds, so there are always emails to catch up on first thing. Today I’ve seen sight of the third live tender. They really are like buses – nothing for a while and then three come along at once!


It’s time for the Education Team huddle. It’s a practice that started in lockdown March 2020 that we’ve continued ever since. It’s a great chance for a quick catch up, about work and otherwise.


It’s not long before I’m straight onto my first client call of the day. I have the most brilliant portfolio of clients that I work with. Many are based in Scotland and it’s always a joy to catch up with them.

Today it’s a quarterly review meeting and we’re deep-diving into campaign analysis across undergraduate, postgraduate, home, and international marketing/attraction. There are lots of learnings from both parties, and the meeting ends with some good action points for all, plus it brings a sense of partnership – which is definitely the most satisfying part of my job!


I have lunch and take a walk in the welcome summer’s sun to run errands before starting work on the most recent tender with a kick-off call amongst the team. We discuss, allocate, and plan to regroup next week. There is a lot to do.


A short but snappy briefing call from a client for a niche campaign. The account team are with me so we can gain a holistic understanding of what’s needed. We will then discuss the strategy as a team and work out who will do what to pull this together.


I catch up with my account teams to create each client’s weekly work-in-progress (WIP) emails. These give the client (and me!) a fantastic overview of each campaign, its status, performance, and anything else that’s left to do. Our HE research partner also compiles bespoke insights for each client weekly looking at key competitors and trends which always go down well.


Now I’m heading into the tender zone. Once my clients have logged off, it’s the perfect time to focus on some complex data analysis to shape my response to the questions presented.


I have a yoga class booked for 7:30pm so this helps me both log off at a specific time and really unwind my mind after a busy day. I practically float out of the studio, feeling zen and ready for some dinner, bed, and facing what tomorrow brings!

Oona Venermo is Senior Client Partner at Penna.
To get in touch with Oona, email and for more information about the Education team at Penna, please visit