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Filling niche roles for NCAS

After struggling to recruit to a number of niche roles for over a year in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) reached out to Penna Education for some specialist assistance with their recruitment.

What was the Challenge?

The National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) were looking to hire a range of very specialist roles within the atmospheric science industry but had previously struggled to fill any, feeling the impact of COVID and lockdowns on their recruitment drives. Some of the roles they were looking to fill were: Environmental Sustainability Manager, Software Developer, Technical Writer, Systems engineer and many more. In total they were looking to fill 14 positions over several months, so they asked our team to help as they knew we had the knowledge and expertise to get the job done.

What was our Solution?

We launched a highly targeted campaign on LinkedIn to reach those in the relevant industries or those with similar skill sets who may not have thought of the opportunities available in atmospheric science. Programmatic Display provided a high level of both brand and role awareness, reaching those that may have never considered working in this industry, despite having the skill set. Finally, Google Ads was utilised to reach those actively searching for these roles. For this audience, the NCAS brand was already highly engaged with and recognisable.

What were the results?

We were delighted to receive over 1.7 million impressions, leading to 4,686 clicks at a Cost Per Click (CPC) of £0.93. The Click Through Rate (CTR) for all of the platforms we engaged with was well above the typical benchmark, leading to a number of roles receiving a healthy amount of high-quality applicants and successful hires.

Frances Dee, the ‘People & Community for Change Officer' at NCAS said
"“We partnered with Penna for our largest centrally-coordinated recruitment campaign to date, totalling 14 new jobs. The majority of the roles were highly specialised and with such a challenging recruitment environment, we knew we couldn’t just stick to our usual advertising channels and platforms. We needed to develop our brand presence online and target potential candidates in ways that were beyond our own in-house recruitment capabilities.

Andy, Jane and the team were exceptional (and great fun) to work with - their knowledge and expertise is second to none and they provided constant support throughout the process.

The campaign has been very successful - we have been able to fill almost all of the roles with high quality candidates. Many of them came through routes we haven’t typically targeted before, highlighting the wider scope Penna were able to reach through their work.

Whilst the quantity of applications remained similar to pre-pandemic levels, the quality of candidates saw a marked improvement. This has led to a successful and positive recruitment campaign and we look forward to working with Penna in the future."